Our Story

Jehaan Kotwal was the CEO of JFK Transports, the company has a combined experience of 30 years in the transport and logistics domain.
He built a transport company which prioritises safety, and has worked with many reputed brands in the oil and gas and chemical sector. Before he joined the business, their business would suffer about 3-5 incidents (in terms of minor and major accidents) a year with about 10 trucks, however with 110 vehicles, they haven’t had a single major incident in the past 4 years.

“If I can use technology to bring the accidents down in my fleets, I can equip the truck drivers of our country to do the same. How can I achieve this?”
This question was what gave birth to the HumSafer project created by Good Mind. For us, success is the number of lives saved on the road every day. Equipping NGOs and other do-gooders with impact measurement tools that will enable them to reach out to the drivers in a much more efficient manner.

And so began our goal of reducing road accidents while uplifting truck drivers across India.

The business gap in the Transport and Logistics Eco System

In India, the last decade has seen a large pool of funds being invested in the transport and logistics space. These investments have largely been for solutions for B2B and marketplace stakeholders. While most companies in the logistics domain are focusing on the top of this pyramid – a critical but neglected component, the truck driver river is ignored. This disparity is the very thing that creates issues due to building a high-tech economy on a low-tech foundation. Our goal is to connect this largely fragmented ecosystem by building from the ground up.

Why are we the best team to solve the problem

With strong leadership heading the three pillars of our organization, Technology, Business and UX, we have created a culture of thinking user first with a strong deep rooted foundation of domain knowledge and long term business networks along with expertise in technology across platforms is what sets us apart from our competitors.
Our technical expertise allows us to work at a pace to achieve the scale and impact that we promise.

Our Team

Jehaan Kotwal


Jehaan has Majored in Entrepreneurship from FLAME where he started his first venture Joe’s cafe at the age of 17. After joining his family business JFK Transporters in 2013 he built the organization from a team of 13 people to over 200 people today. Focused on Road Safety JFK has become one of the safest trucking companies in India working with Listed Multinationals in various sectors. As he exists JFK into Goodmind his experience and network over the last 9 years is where immense value will be created in this sector.

Ajinkya Kshirsagar


Ajinkya holds a Masters in Computer Science from USC, Los Angeles and has worked at Disney, Yahoo and Goldman Sachs previously. In his last two roles, he has led engineering teams that have deployed products to > 100 million users. He has proven expertise in web, server-side systems and mobile ecosystems and in operating them at internet scale. After working in the Silicon valley for greater part of a decade, Ajinkya moved back to India to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Harsh Shah

VP Engineering
Harsh is someone who has a unique mix of being a product lead having hands on engineering experience. He has done his masters in Computer Science from San Diego State University, and has worked with companies like Yahoo and Goldman Sachs. In the initial part of his carer he has development software that catered to >100 million users, and later on has worked as a product lead that catered to these >100 million users. His passion for technology made him work in Silicon Valley for a few years, and his entrepreneurial ambition made him return to India in 2019.

Sumedh Mane


Sumedh has 6 years of experience Product management experience leading teams to build successful digital products in tech start-ups as well as tech consulting firms. Winning Multiple Hackathons around safe mobility. His background in Human Centred Design is going to be instrumental in creating a user-friendly consumer facing product for our target market.